An open world with thousands of solar systems. You can do whatever you want. Explore the universe, colonize planets, mine resources, build armys, improve technologies, fight for sovereignty and reign over the universe together with thousands of other players.

Hardcore PvP

You will be able to attack any player, regardless of his development level and the size of his army. Anytime and anywhere. As a reward for defeating other players, you will earn PVP points needed to advance in the ranking and secure the Presidency of the Confederation.

No level restrictions

The game has no restrictions on the level of development of colonies and technologies. You can upgrade any building or technology to the level you want. This will allow you to plan your development in greater detail and focus on the aspect of the game you are interested in most.

Government Elections

A unique feature of the game is that each player can become the leader of the human race in the fight against Skagry and gain a significant advantage in the development and military power for himself and all of his supporters.


In the future, when space has long ceased to be a mystery for humans and conquering new worlds became commonplace, humans discovered creatures with an incredible ability to regenerate, called Skagry. Later, their genome was discovered to contain information that gave people eternal life. However, humans found that to be insufficient and began breeding Skagry and experiment with their genes. At some point the situation got out of control and Skagry broke free. Driven by a collective mind, they overtook planet after planet and soon filled the galaxy. To counter Skagry, a united government called the Confederation was established, charged with correcting the mistakes of the past and returning dominance over the universe to humanity.


United forces of humanity in the fight against Skagry. A single government headed by the President and Ministers. The President and five Ministers are elected by the people, and the other five are appointed by the President. The Confederation’s symbol displays its structure. The President is denoted by a big star in the middle. The stars on the left-hand side represent the Ministers elected by the people, who often do not share the President’s views and go into opposition. The stars on the right-hand side stand for the President’s trustees, whom he appoints personally. Either way, they are all part of the whole, the Confederation.

Skagry - NPC

Alien species with an accelerated regeneration and reproductive function. Obey the collective wisdom and act on the principle of Roy, the aim of which is to absorb all life forms encountered on the way, and the creation of colonies in all possible areas. Skagry instantly adapt to the weather conditions and landshavtnym any planet that always allows them to fight at home, greatly complicating the task at the same time for the Confederate forces. Skagry ruthless and do not know fear. Without exaggeration, this is the most dangerous creature in the universe.

The Game


You are the Commander of the Confederation Fleet. You have your own mothership that you will never lose. You are not bound to any location, and can move freely across the universe with thousands of solar systems and with multiple planets available for colonization and development. After securing enough colonies, you will become a prominent figure in the Confederation and will be able to establish a powerful empire under your command to influence the course of events in the universe. Of course, it will be hard for you to do it alone, so try to get as many supporters as possible, because it will greatly increase your chances to succeed if you also plan to run for President of the Confederation. Everything is set against the background of Skagry’s endless attacks and the growing competition among thousands of players worldwide, making the challenge particularly acute. Skagry’s universe is a cruel place. Will you survive?

Alliance and sovereignty

Create a powerful alliance capable of conquering the universe or join one. Colonize planets and defend them from the attacks of Skagry and other players. Remember, sovereignty is the key to dominance over the universe.

Production and Technology

Build troops at your colonial bases, increase the combat ability of your army or step up defence of your colonies, turning them into impenetrable fortresses. Choose your unique path for the development of technologies to conquer the universe.

Politics and Diplomacy

Become President of the Confederation with the most votes in weekly elections or support the candidate you like. Win the trust of voters or find another almost legal way to win elections.

Regions and solar system

Each region has its own features and different concentrations of Skagry. Each solar system is unique, and you will never find two identical solar systems. Planets also differ in terms of available resources and the benefits of ownership.